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Look beyond!

I invite the viewer to look beyond the trees to the light

Look beyond the play of light on the water to the distant horizon

Look beyond the urban scenes I create, to question our similarities to our ancestors

 I ask myself to look beyond the obvious, question, explore...

The Artist's Journey

I think of my work as a daily artistic journey. Inspired by travel, people and my awareness of the fragility and importance of conservation of the natural world. As a landscape and figurative artist I try to document this through paint, mixed media and textiles.

When I was 17 years old, I was awarded a place on the Fine Art Honors Degree course at Glasgow School of Art on the basis of an exceptional art portfolio. It was an exciting era, and as a young art student my personal aim was to concentrate on the technical aspect of my art training. 

John Cunningham ( First Year Lecturer, Painter) was a major influence. He had an infectious enthusiasm for painting ,studying the old masters and museum studies. 

I was fortunate to study painting when Dr David Donaldson (Painter and Limner To Her Majesty The Queen in Scotland) was Head of Department and the driving force in exacting standards of classical oil painting. 

My interest lay in figurative studies and Geoffrey Squires (Senior Life, Anatomy Lecturer) instilled the discipline of drawing the human form, a legacy that remains with me today. 

I graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1983, gaining a BA Hons Degree in Fine Arts, specializing in painting and drawing. see awards. On graduating I continued to paint and exhibit, whilst working as a therapist. I remain fascinated by the genius and symbolism of William Blake and the clever symbolic language of the Renaissance masters.

 Although I grew up in the city and lived in London for a number of years I much preferred the countryside.  

 In 2013 I set up a studio in the Stirlingshire area where I live with my family of young artists and designers. As you can imagine I encourage the young creatives to " look beyond"

 Exhibited in London, South East England, societies and galleries across Central Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Argyll and Perthshire. 

Paintings and fine art textiles are found in private collections in Britain and Australia.

Creative Process

Drawing is the starting point of the composition and design. I enjoy working  outdoors. At times you feel you are battling with the elements to capture that changing light, but ultimately painting en plein air in watercolour  it gives a vitality and evokes atmosphere.

 Back in the studio, painting in oils on canvas gives an intensity of colour, rich paint quality and depth, you can build up texture using a palette knife.

In contrast Aurèle Art Textiles  designs require time to research and execute. I am inspired by archaeological prehistoric sites. The figurative textile art pieces explores Man's timeless similarities in culture, belief and survival. Symbols of neolithic stone carvings, pattern the two large textile pieces of  Gavrinis and the Judgement.

Recurrent themes are land, sea and time.

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1983      Harry McLean  Bequest , Conservation of Paintings, Glasgow School of Art.

Professional Memberships 

Elected Artist Member Glasgow Art Club

Elected Artist Member Glasgow Society of Women Artists (GSWA)

Council Member of the Glasgow Art Club

Gallery Convener Glasgow Art Club



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