Ramble in the brambles Ramble in the brambles Red admiral butterfly feeding, series. Dandys and Dragons Dandys and Dragons Mixed media artwork that depicts pond life of Dragonflies and dandelions. Harvest moon Harvest moon Mixed media Peacock Glow Peacock Glow Scottish butterfly series, micro landscape. Blue horizon Blue horizon Scottish butterfly series Forget me not the Mayfly Forget me not the Mayfly Mixed media art work that comprises of a pond with Flag Iris, Water forget- me- not and Mayflies. Hellebore Christmas Rose Hellebore Christmas Rose Observational drawing of plant life. Detail of Forget me not the mayfly Detail of Forget me not the mayfly Detail of artwork a study of pond life. Hydrangeas Hydrangeas Painting acrylic on canvas Foxglove Glade Foxglove Glade oil painting on canvas



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